What We Do


To prevent child hunger, actively support child care providers, and improve children’s nutritional health.

What We Do

We are a sponsor for the federal Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) which funds CNP’s initiative to support eligible child care homes and day care centers in North Carolina.

Through CACFP we  provide financial assistance to eligible child care homes for nutritious meals, especially in underserved areas. In addition to providing funding for over 22,000 meals each day in the organization’s 40 county service area, CNP helps child care homes and centers remain compliant with federal regulations required for CACFP funding eligibility; this assistance requires maintaining up-to-date regulatory practices and preparing for compliance audits. Ensuring providers are within compliance is one of CNP’s greatest responsibilities and consumes the bulk of our resources.

Our Goals

  • To operate an effective and efficient program beneficial to everyone we serve.
  • To ensure that children enrolled in the Child and Adult Care Food Program under our sponsorship receive nutritious meals in a clean, safe and pleasant environment.
  • To provide nutrition education, CACFP funding, and a professional staff to monitor compliance and give support to our Childcare Providers.
  • To identify and help solve unmet childhood hunger needs in our communities.
  • To be  conscientious stewards of the federal funds we administer.
  • To be conscientious stewards of any donated funds or services.