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For almost 25 years, CNP, Inc has taken great pride in conscientiously bringing CACFP money to the children the federal program is intended to serve—preschool children from low-income families who might otherwise not have access to a nutritious diet. Without a local organization or “sponsor” like CNP, Inc. this federal money would not be available to the day care facilities that care for these children. Many studies have shown that good nutrition during early childhood is critical to the development of healthy minds and bodies. It is for this reason that the CACFP program was begun.

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In addition to processing federal funding, CNP, Inc. works hand-in-hand with family child care homes and child care centers providing education on nutrition, infant feeding, and appropriate learning activities for preschool children. We maintain a library of books and videos for their use. Our consultants visit with each family care home and day care center on a regular basis, and are available for telephone consultation every week day. Child care homes that participate in CACFP often receive higher overall state child care ratings that non-participating homes. So, participation in CACFP is an important factor in the quality of child care available in North Carolina.

Participating child care facilities must document the income levels of the families whose children are in their care, daily attendance, and menus served each day. CNP, Inc. is responsible for gathering this documentation and determining its accuracy. CNP, Inc. must also meet federal guidelines as to unannounced on-site visits and periodic training sessions. In order to keep up with the federal paperwork requirements, CNP, Inc. has recently begun offering on-line claims processing. While the cost of meeting federal compliance guidelines has gone up, federal funding for administrative costs has not kept pace with our needs. Only strong, well-run sponsors will be able to continue to deliver these federal funds for healthy food to the children and child care facilities that need them. And even these well-run organizations, like CNP, Inc. now need your financial help.

Please consider making a generous contribution to CNP, Inc. to allow us to continue to bring healthy food, a most basic human need, to children who might otherwise go without. For your convenience, you can use this on-line service to make a contribution charged to your credit or debit card.

All contributions are fully tax deductible.

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